Excellence is EliteTech

EliteTech stands for Excellence. Going beyond the call of duty and doing more than what others expect.. that is what we are all about. We go that extra mile striving for and maintaining the highest standards and best quality in our field.

EliteTech Dental Labs has over 100 years of combined technical experience to assist you in any case planning you require. In fact, our management staff is always ready to respond to your scheduling needs. We understand that not every client's needs are the same; that's why we will dedicate a technician team exclusively to handle your specific request. If you have a special case and are looking for someone to troubleshoot, a knowledgeable technician can visit your office upon request. You can rest assured that only certified dental technicians will supervise any and all work.

We want to make using our services simple. That's why our pricing structure is straightforward without any hidden add-on fees. Our simple pricing structure allows you a quick overview when planning treatment costs. All restorations are made in the U.S.A.

VITA Porcelain to MetalVITA Porcelain to Metal

At EliteTech we utilize VITA porcelains which are some of the most widely recognized and beautiful dental ceramics in the world. If you want to match VITA 3D or traditional shades, there is no better source.


The future of all-ceramic dentistry is Zirconia which is why EliteTech uses this cutting-edge material. It is the strongest of all ceramic materials available today. With similar strength to porcelain bonded-to-metal restorations but with far superior aesthetics. Zirconia can be use din virtually all prosthetic solutions including implant supra-structures, bridges, and full-crown options for bruxism.


EliteTech also offers e.max lithium disilicate. This material provides optimum aesthetics with the strength to enable conventional or resin-bonded cementation. Our e.max lithium disilicate is used in our implant restorations, anterior crowns, premolar crowns, telescopic crowns, inlays, and onlays. Because it is so versatile yet strong, we also use the e.max lithium disilicate in veneers and anterior three-unit bridge work up to the second premolar.

excellence means doing your very best. in everything. in every way.

Excellence is EliteTech.